‘Started doing regional numbers to correct image of Pakistan’ Ali Zafar


Ali Zafar shared the reason behind singing in different languages of Pakistan and believes it will correct the image of the country globally.

Speaking to Al Jazeerah, Ali said Pakistan’s culture is diverse but at the same time cohesive also, so he decided to give a true representation.

“I started doing regional numbers because I felt that Pakistani culture was largely misrepresented globally,” he said.

“So, I felt that people from different provinces – like Baloch people, or sometimes Pashtuns, are misunderstood, the sort of perception that they have and the kind of people that they are. It’s the same with Sindhis and Punjabis. So I decided to sing in their language and project their culture through whatever humble means I could – my songs,” he added.

The singer, meanwhile, also disclosed his plans to sing in different languages of the world. “I’m going to continue this series, and I plan to sing in different languages of the world – I’ve sung a song in Chinese – that was the most difficult language to sing in!” he shared.

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