‘You’ll regret if you miss watching Ghabrana Nahi Hai’ Zahid Ahmed


Zahid Ahmed believes that people, who will miss watching his upcoming film ‘Ghabrana Nahi Hai’ alongside Saba Qamar, are going to regret later on.

In a conversation with The Current, Zahid said Ghabrana Nahi Hai’s story will amuse viewers on a larger scale.

”One thing is sure, people will regret if they miss watching Ghabrana Nahi Hai. I am not saying this because its my film, but its a story worth watching,” confident Zahid said.

”When we first read the script, believe me, everyone in the film became attractive towards this project. Its completely a fun and entertainment without any vulgar content,” he shared.

Gharana Nahi Hai featuring Zahid and Saba will be released on Eid-ul-Fitr this year.


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