Amidst the entire ruckus caused by Indo-Pak tensions, films with a patriotic theme will surely gain momentum. And ARY and NK Films have decided to weigh in on the circumstances, and have released the trailer for one of 2019’s highly anticipated films, SherDil. Talk about apt timing!

The film features Mikaal Zulfiqar, Armeena Rana Khan, Sabeeka Imam, and Hassan Niazi in pivotal roles, and is said to pay tribute to the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) while focusing on the journey of a man following his dreams.

The trailer starts off with two fighter jets in typical aerial fashion, with a montage of scenes featuring Zulfiqar and Niazi’s characters as pilots. It is revealed that Haris (Zulfiqar) has been accepted into the air force academy, and then begins the whole training course.

Moreover, we can also see glimpses of Haris’ involvement with Khan’s character, which are bound to pair up romantically at some point in the film. Surprisingly, Khan has a number of momentous sequences including a dance number, which is somewhat amusing as her character did not get vital screen space in earlier teasers.

Moving on, we also catch a sight of Niazi’s character, who is apparently a villain rising from the other side of the border. With Indo-Pak tensions on a rise, the trailer strives to depict the stress and pressure that pilots face while having the whole country’s honour at stake. Niazi’s Arun looks every bit of an arch-nemesis to Haris, and seeing the characters battle against each other might be a treat to watch.

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As a whole, what really stands out in the trailer are the impressive action sequences. While the industry strives to create a mark in the action genre, the films often fall short in terms of breath-taking CGI. But SherDil has managed to bag some top-level names on its crew, including DOP Riki Buttland. As a result, it manages to display some top-notch visual effects so far, while being amalgamated with some heavy dialogues.

Directed by Azfar Jafri, the film is scheduled to drop on March 22 this year. Let’s see if it manages to please the masses.


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