Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza have been super tight-lipped about their relationship, which blossomed after their respective divorces with their ex-partners. Mohib recently appeared on Munib Nawaz’s podcast and was completely open about his love life, especially his past relationship with actress Aamina Sheikh, to whom he was married from 2005 to 2019.

“When I met Aamina, at that time, my focus was that she is the one. I was in love with her and so, we got married. We had a great partnership, we had a daughter, everything was how it’s supposed to be and then situations changed,” he said.

“It was never even in my mind that we’d get separated later. There was never any fear. We became different people while learning and growing with our work. For example, if I’m working in Skardu for over 90 days, and I live a life differently and grow towards a different emotional and spiritual path and then I come home and realise that we’re now two different people,” he added.

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The actor also stressed upon the importance of not giving up on love, and shared how he’s found love again in Sanam Saeed. “There’s nothing such as a mid-life crisis, its mid-life realisations. After all these years, I have only realised one thing and that’s happiness. Nothing else matters, only relationships and love,” he said.

“Sanam means beloved and Mohib means a lover and rest is self-explanatory,” he added, without giving much away and leaving fans to figure out the rest.

Sanam Saeed also recently ‘confirmed’ the relationship by posting a yearly roundup reel on Instagram which had numerous sneaky glimpses of Mohib throughout. Watch it below.


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