The digital world is an amazing place and provides everyone and anyone space to express his thoughts and interact with people in a very effective way. You create your own audiences through your blogs and reach to them within no time. There are dozens of people who are reaching to their audiences through their writings while a few are also making video blogs.

If you are a Pakistani and you are on Facebook, chances are very high that you have already watched at least one of the video bloggers from Faisal Qureshi, Junaid Akram, Ali Sufian Wasif, and Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo. A new entrant, Irfan Junejo from Karachi has  joined the list of these video bloggers and below are seven reasons why you should be following him;

1- He blogs on daily basis:

There are many who do mirco blogging on Snapchat on daily basis but Irfan Junejo is the only guy in Pakistan who does this on Youtube. He believes in ‘quantity over quality,’ and below is his justification.

2- He wants to go to Karachi Eat Festival, ‘without a girl.’

Wait for it and let us save best for the end. Or you can just simply scroll down to read it now.*

3- He is time-savvy:

This guy is not just video blogging his daily routine but also does a job. He designs UI for iPhone apps at home and also looks after some of his family business. With that, he also manages to take out some time for friends and his hobbies. So if your friends tell you ‘yaar time naheen milta,’ show them his video blogs.

4- He is tech-savvy:

He is also a tech-savvy person who not only fixes all his technical issues by himself but also shares tutorials for his audiences. Tou Agar Aapny Bhi Video Blogger Banna Hai, watch his videos.

5- He motivates you to exercise:

If you are lazy and thinking ‘k kal se pakka exercise shuro karounga, or karoungi,‘ this guy will repeatedly remind you start doing it from today.

6- He loves football:

Not much football is being played in Pakistan but those who love it, they hardly find many heroes at home and rest of us only know Kaleemullah Khan. Irfan has been playing football for a local club for last many years. In 2013, he also started coaching kids at his club. Find more details about his academy below.

7- He can be your travel guide

Irfan recently traveled Turkey for a very short period but totally proved why his video blogs can help you understand new places or at least Turkey for now.

*Karachi Eat Festival 2017 created much buzz this last week because of two reasons. Firstly, rain poured down as disaster for organizers and food vendors. Secondly, the festival was strictly declared a no entrance area for stags, even if they were brothers or son and a father. Irfan Junejo posted his most viral video blog to show the ‘bechargi’ of all single boys.

In an interview with, the blogger told that he decided to go ahead with video blogging when he watched Mooroo’s trip to America. “I used to post snapchat stories a lot and it was a lot of fun,” he told. “I have been fond of photography and filmmaking for almost 7 years now and a huge casey neistat fan but I wasn’t really sure about the idea. But when I watched Mooroo’s trip to America vlog … I decided to go ahead with it,” he added.



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