Just when we were getting more excited for Mahira Khan’s debut in Bollywood alongside Shahrukh Khan in Raees and thought there won’t be more hurdles in releasing the movie in India at least, the extremist Shiv Sena has issued new threats to ban the film. And now, it seems like, Picture Abhi Baki Hai!

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In a recent incident, Shiv Sena has written letters to cinema owners in Indian state Chhattisgarh, threatening them not to screen Raees starring Pakistani actress Mahira Khan. “In a threat letter delivered to all exhibitors in Chhattisgarh, Rakesh Shinde, Chattisgarh Shiv Sena head, has asked exhibitors in Durg and Bhilai to not screen Raees in their theatres, failing which they will be solely responsible for the consequences,” reported Indian Express.

”All of us exhibitors in Chhattisgarh have got these letter which the subject reads a request for ban on Raees. The body of the letter asks all exhibitors to not screen any ‘deshdrohi’s film’ and if the cinema owners do so, they will be solely responsible for all the consequences. It’s signed by Rakesh Shinde, Chhattisgarh Shiv Sena head. It’s letter dated 5th January and was delivered to us day before yesterday,” report cited leading exhibitor Akshaye Rathi, who tweeted the threat letter.

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“It’s illegal to say that you will stall a film that has been certified by the CBFC for release. Also something needs to be done about this threat letter. We have informed the police about it,” it added.

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Earlier, Shiv Sena chief Raj Thackery threatened for the complete ban of Raees because of Mahira Khan bit then Shahrukh Khan paid him a visit and assured that his lead actress won’t be a part of promotions. This averted the controversy and currently, Shahrukh Khan is doing the promotions all alone.


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