‘We should respect heroes, both in India and Pakistan’ Atif Aslam


Atif Aslam urged his fans from both Pakistan and India to give real value to the people who have served their country for over the years.

Speaking to cricketer Shoaib Malik during a live session on Instagram, Aslam said that singers, sportsmen, poets, writers, and people who have served their country in any capacity, should be respected.

“It doesn’t matter where you work but if you are representing your country, you deserve respect. It is important for us to value our heroes. We had such wonderful people from poets to writers, singers to actors and sportsmen. I think we need to honor our heroes, idolize them,” he said.

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Talking about the working experience in Bollywood, Aslam said that he enjoys ‘good work’ regardless of the place. “I think your work matters and not the place where you are working. I had a great experience working in India, they have amazing artists and a wonderful audience,” Aslam said.

The singer, who recently recited Asma-ul-Husna, said there is no comparison between ‘Asma-ul-Husna’ and ‘Tajdar-e-Haram’. “Both of them are very close to my heart. One is about Prophet Mohammad SAW and the other is about the creator, no comparison at all,” he maintained.

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