#AaghaAliMafiMango trends on social media


Aagha Ali faced immense backlash on social media after a video went viral in which he was describing how Pathans speak on the phone in Pushto.

It was an old video of a morning show at APlus in which Aagha, Neelam Munir, and Faisal Qureshi were the guests. During the show, Aagha mimicked how a Pathan speaks on the phone in Pushto.

Adding on, Aagha said he had never seen Pathans speak calmly or lovingly. “Every time I see Pathans talking in Pushto, it feels like they are scolding each other,” he was quoted saying.

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His comments made rounds on social media and people didn’t like the actor making fun of Pathans. #AaghaAliMafiMango remained trend on Twitter with people asking him for a public apology.


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