‘Tears equal to TRPs in Pakistani dramas’ quips Muneeb


Muneeb Butt said heroines are required to cry in Pakistani dramas to get higher TRPs while giving an example of her wife, Aiman Khan’s roles.

Muneeb appeared alongside her wife in Express Tv’s show ‘Time Out with Ahsan Khan’. While talking to the host, Muneeb said Minal often gets emotional quickly and he thinks her roles in dramas have a huge impact on her.

“I think it’s because she is asked to cry so much on television that she’s developed a habit of crying. In every Pakistani TV serial, heroines are required to shed at least 2kg of tears so that the drama becomes a hit. Tears equal to TRPs you know,” he quipped.

Talking about his acting, Muneeb revealed that Aiman is her biggest critic. “I think Aiman is my biggest critic,” Muneeb said, adding, “I just feel that works you know, that’s how I improved. In my case, my mom would tell me if my expressions or acting looked unreal, so I do it right the next time and now Aiman is also there to guide me,” he added.

On the other hand, Aiman reshared her bond with twin sister Minal and said still people can’t make the difference between them.

“I wonder, it still happens with both of us. When I go to the mall or at some public place, people come up to me thinking I’m Minal to compliment my work. I just nod and say thank you, so they feel happy,” Aiman shared.

“Recently, it happened a lot that some random aunties scolded me for Minal’s character in Jalan and I was forced to say every time – ‘Aunty Jee sorry, wo main nae hun meri behen hai,” she reminisced.

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