TikTok disappears in Pakistan once again


On the directives of Peshawar’s High Court, renowned video-sharing app TikTok has been banned in Pakistan once again over immoral content.

In a hearing against the Chinese app, the High Court took notice of the content against the moral values of society. Hence, an immediate call for banning the app was released by the court.

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As of now, TikTok is completely unaccessible countrywide. Following the situation, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) said that they have sent an official request to TikTok management to review the content on moral grounds.

“With reference to the hearing on TikTok App in Peshawar High Court today it is being quoted in a certain section of media that the PTA director said the authority had sent a request to TikTok officials but had not yet received a ‘positive response’,” the statement read.

“PTA representative didn’t make any such remark in the Court. Infact, the report submitted to the Court, which is part of the record, stated that TikTok is cooperating with PTA in regulating objectionable content,” the statement added.

It must be noted here that TikTok has often faced suspension in Pakistan over the content. Earlier, TikTok assured PTA to regulate the content after which the ban was lifted from the app.

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