‘Today’s models didn’t have class or personality’ Nadia Hussain


Model-cum-actor Nadia Hussain thinks that young lot of fashion models didn’t have class or personality.

During a conversation in Time Out With Ahsan Khan, Nadia shared that previously, fashion models used to be from educational family backgrounds.

“Back then, 70 to 80 percent of the models were from educated backgrounds,” she said.

”Afterwards, all kinds of girls became a part of the profession. Not even the council members cared if they were uneducated or didn’t have the height. There were no criteria, it was only about whether they could get permission. Where else are you going to get 40 models at once? Back in our day, we’d gather 20 girls for one show… [The new models] weren’t educated. They didn’t have class or a personality,” the former morning show host said.

It must be noted here that Nadia is considered as one of the finest fashion models Pakistan has ever produced. Later on, she worked in several dramas and hosted multiple shows.


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