Truck artist pays tribute to George Floyd


Pakistani truck artist, Haider Ali, paid tribute to George Floyd, an American citizen whose unjust murder in Minneapolis gave birth to #BlackLivesMatter movement across the world.

Hailed from Karachi, Ali painted a mural of late Floyd in Pakistani traditional truck art style. The eye-catching fresco contains special sayings against racism and colorism. ‘Adal, Insaaf, Barabari’ was the prominent message, the artist had to convey.

“Hum kaaley hain tou kia hua, dil waley hain (So what if we’re dark-skinned? We’ve got big hearts),” reads the mural. It also features another saying that goes, “Goron ki na kaalon ki, Dunya dil walon ki’ (This world belongs neither to whites or blacks, only for those with big hearts).”

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While talking to Dunya News, Haider explained the importance of ‘black’ colour near an artist. “I believe black colour is an essential part of the universe and an artist is extremely aware of this. Even stars shine in the dark,” Ali said.

The artist dedicated his art to all those people around the world who are fighting against inequality and injustice.

On the other hand, Ali’s art remained trending on Twitter and people had to praise the message conveyed through it.

Picture Courtesy: Sana Fatima – Dunya News


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