“Usman is not owner of the house,” claims Uzma Khan’s lawyer


Uzma Khan’s lawyer Mian Ali Ashfaq claimed that the house, where Uzma and her sister were threatened, harassed, and beaten, is not the property of Usman Malik as said by his wife Amna Malik.

Speaking to reporters in Lahore along with the victims of the incident, Mian Ashfaq disclosed that the house belongs to Babar Naseem, one of Uzma’s friends, and Uzma and her sister Huma Khan reside there on rent.

“Uzma and her sister are residing in this house for a long period of time. The house was not in property of Usman and we have the agreement which we will submit in court,” he confirmed while showing property papers in his hand.

Meanwhile, Uzma claimed that Usman, reportedly the relative of business tycoon Malik Riaz, wanted to marry her as he wasn’t happy with his married life. The actress revealed that she knew Usman for the last two years and they were in a relationship.

“He wanted to marry me,” Uzma said. “In December 2019, Uzma turned down the marriage proposal of Usman following his non-serious attitude towards Nikkah. Later on, Usman forcefully remained in touch with her,” claimed her Lawyer.

Uzma disclosed that Usman is the son of Malik Riaz’s sister-in-law. She said that Usman’s wife Amna Usman, daughters of Malik Riaz, Amber Malik, and Pashmeena Malik, entered her house at midnight with 12 gunmen and threatened, harassed, and beaten her and sister Huma.

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“They entered our house at midnight and attacked us. They beat me, my sister, who got injured. They made us embarrassed in front of their guards, made our videos, and then put them on social media to further defame us,” she said.

It must be noted here that a video got viral on social media in which Uzma and her sister Huma Khan were threatened and beaten by two unknown women who accused them of having a relationship with Usman.

After the video made rounds on social media and people started talking about it, Uzma came up with a public statement in which she asked people to support her in the fight for justice against Amber Malik and Pashmina Malik, daughters of Malik Riaz, who entered her house at midnight with 12 gunmen.

Uzma has hired Hassaan Niazi and Khadija Siddiqi to help her fight through a legal battle and they both were present during the presser.

Amna Usman, the wife of Usman Malik, had already confirmed her involvement in the incident. In a video statement, she said that she did this all to save her marriage. She claimed that the house is his husband’s second house. Amna revealed that she had warned Uzma a couple of times to leave her husband but she didn’t step back.


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