Drama serial Tere Bin’s last episode and upcoming episode’s teaser have left its entire fanbase and viewers in a frenzy. The drama serial, which stars Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi in the leading roles of Murtasim and Meerub, has not only captivated audiences in Pakistan but has also gained popularity in India and other countries.

In the previous episode, Meerub reacted angrily to seeing Murtasim locked in an embrace with his cousin, and proceeded to slap and spit at him. The episode concluded with Murtasim forcefully dragging her towards the bed and shutting the door, hinting at abuse and possibly, marital rape.

During an interview with Arab News, Nooran Makhdoom, the writer of “Tere Bin,” justified the inclusion of marital rape, stating that it was a necessary element to drive the story towards its climax. She urged those questioning and demanding changes to understand her creative intentions and how she intended to shape the narrative.

“It’s a situation which was the demand of the serial that will lead to the climax. If the audience isn’t getting it, I can’t change it. It’s just a drama. They should wait for the entire story to unfold instead of taking issue with every episode,” she said.

She emphasized that similar themes have been depicted on screen before, but due to the widespread recognition of this particular project, people reacted strongly to the recent twist. She admitted that the scene was altered prior to filming, as the spitting and slapping were not initially included. However, she took full responsibility for the script.

“If you speak of my social responsibility, I created a story and I stand by it. And this is not an unusual occurrence; it has happened before,” she added.

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Nevertheless, numerous fans of the television series expressed their disappointment following the latest episode. Check out some of the reactions below.



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