‘Wear your baldness with pride’ Nadia Jamil shares her struggle


Nadia Jamil, who suffered from cancer, shared her struggle after getting bald and how people make fun of baldness.

Taking to Twitter, Nadia shared her experience after getting bald due to cancer. “I was called all kinds of names but smiled because the truth is when I lost my hair, I realized I loved my face & I am beautiful, & so are you,” she wrote.

“To all those beautiful bald men & women out there, wear your baldness with pride! Don’t let taunts, negativity, ignorant comments hurt. Hold your head high,” she motivated her followers.

Earlier in August, the actress shared her story of recovering from cancer.

“I will never forget facing & overcoming the fear of being bald, of feeling beautiful with no hair. Bald Nado taught me how to be my own best friend. She fought cancer, suicidal depression, debilitating arthritis, diabetes, during Covid lockdowns and she fought knowing she had to fight alone. What a blessing I have been to myself,” she had wrote.

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