Yasir Hussain writes off ‘Theatre’ due to financial instability


Yasir Hussain believes that ‘Theatres’ and its artists were not paid enough attention which leads the industry towards downhill.

Speaking in a discussion related to TV and Theatre at Arts Council Karachi, Hussain highlighted why he and many other artists switched to the TV industry.

“For most of us, including me, the jump towards TV is because financial stability is close to impossible in theatre,” said Hussain. “Survival in theatre is very difficult. I was lucky enough to have a stint in commercial theatre. If theatre artists were paid better and there was a framework in place to ensure their wellbeing, I wouldn’t have jumped to TV,” he added.

The actor said India has had utilized Theatre artists in a good way and the same should be adopted by Pakistani Tv and filmmakers. “The directors who have earned a certain stature and by extension say in the industry really need to speak up for the ignored-yet-talented lot. If Theatre artists can do well in India they can do well here,” he concluded.

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