Most of our anticipation got satisfied last night with the dual episode of Romeo Weds Heer. This is what we have always wanted – a double treat! This super hilarious and entertaining drama serial by “Double A” Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, is taking the viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions and comedy at the same time.

Heer’s fiancé Jaidi shows up at the start of the episode igniting laughter bombs. My! How he trembled when he was pierced by a syringe needle by accident. He couldn’t sit on his bums, funny isn’t it! Jaidi and his mother visit the unconscious Heer at the hospital, where they hear a disturbing news. The doctor reveals that Heer must be operated immediately for her severe head injury. Everyone tries to find some link to get to a surgeon – apparently nobody tried hard enough.

Romeo finds out about Heer’s accident from the University notice board. He feels pity although indifferent about the matter. But when he finds out that Heer is losing her life, he really gets worried. Romeo does have a soft heart don’t you think? He can’t even let his rival die.

Romeo´s parents, Dr. Shehnaz and Dr. Raja are running their family like crazy. They don’t take out time to listen to their kids’ issues and simply keep their lives on tracks. Raja’s sister Rollee forces Raja to marry Romeo with her daughter. Dr. Raja is convinced but Dr. Shehnaz wants Romeo to marry Shanzay, the daughter of the health secretary. Both Romeo and his sister enjoy the amusing quarrel between their parents.

Heer family finally finds a surgeon and her operation starts. In the meantime Nazar keeps the family busy with his “After all main damad hoon” philosophy – irritating everyone. Heer gets operated successfully by the best surgeon Dr. Zaygham. Our hearts were trapped in thoughts and we sat down praying in anticipation, until she finally opened her eyes. Phew! What a depiction and what amazing execution!

Heer receives a big “get-well-soon” card carrying wishes from her university mates including Romeo. We laughed out loud when we read, “Get Well Soon, humain koi jaldi nahin”. Signed, Romeo. Heer gets mad at Romeo’s comment and asks her chashmaatoo friend to abuse him. She reveals the story of how she accidently got smashed into a car while trying to save a girl from getting kidnapped.

The health secretary invites Romeo´s parents for dinner but Dr. Raja asks his wife not to talk about Shanzay and Romeo’s marriage. Meanwhile Romeo drops her friend Shanzay at her place and buys flowers for Heer. They keep taunting each other until Romeo leaves with a question in Heer’s mind. The doctor tells Heer that the surgery by Dr. Zagham was possible only because of Romeo. He actually proved to be an angel at the time she swung between life and death. She smiles and gets lost in thoughts.

Heer reaches home where Jaidi and his mother come to visit her. She asks Jaidi to forget the engagement. Meanwhile, Dr. Shehnaz proposes the health secretary for the marriage of Shanzay with Romeo. Shanzay’s father happily agrees and leaves everyone shocked. Romeo talks to his father that he doesn’t want to get married yet. Who knows where his destiny wants him to be. Does Heer finally have a spark of love in her heart for Romeo? We’re so excited to know what happens next. Stay tuned.


By Asbah Umais


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