We had been waiting for the double dhamaka episodes of Romeo Weds Heer which exploded last night on Har Pal Geo. The unsaid emotions of Romeo and Heer are yet to be unleashed. The series is still trying our patience to witness sweet romance between the two love birds. Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi had been successful in giving another blockbuster.

Taking Romeo’s help, Shanzay is trying hard to let her father know that she is not ready for marriage. After many fruitless attempts they finally say it to the dominant appearing yet soft hearted health secretary. Romeo and Shanzay finally succeed enlightening their burden by breaking the engagement. Dr. Shehnaz reacts aggressively when the ice is broken to her. Dr. Raja is way too much satisfied with Romeo’s decision but he is on his next mission now, persuading Romeo to marry Rania.

Jaidi and his Ammi reach for Hakeem Luqmaan to fix Nikah’s date. They seem to know what Nazar is like so they honor him the most to keep him happy. Hakeem Luqman decides a date in a month, just the way Jaidi wants. But Heer has something else going on in her wits.

Jaidi is over excited about his marriage but he doesn’t know what’s cooking in Heer’s mischievous mind. Romeo decides to help Heer in getting rid of Jaidi. Heer, her friends, Romeo and Elephant, decide to trick Jaidi to stop him from marrying Heer. They pretend that Heer is suffering from Hepatitis disease and she is extremely contagious. It was too funny when Jaidi resists Heer and runs away from her.

The funniest scene was when Romeo takes interest in Heer Ranjha story and dreams about Heer with him. All the funny characters in his dream were twisting the ribs with their hilarious performances, especially Elephant. Romeo dresses up as Romeo, not Ranjha and resists dying as Ranjha did. How silly!

We can see that Romeo and Heer are finally taking itsy bitsy interest in each other and at least going well as friends. Will they soon become more than friends? Let’s find out in the next episode, until then, chao!

By Asbah Umais


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