Pakistan has been under a bleak spell when it comes to in-house cricketing. For years, the stadiums have remained barren and deprived of international teams coming and having a go here. But it looks like our luck is about to change, as cricket is getting resurrected in Pakistan with a bang!

Hot news on the block is that Pakistan will be hosting the Asia Cup 2020 cricket tournament, which will be played in the T20 format will consist of six Asian teams. The teams that are on roll so far are India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and two associate teams.

The annual meeting of Asian Cricket Council (ACC) took place on Thursday, and this ground-breaking decision came forward. However, the venues for the matches are undecided at the moment. Lucky for Pakistan, if it manages to convince ACC’s security teams by generating elaborate security schemes, the country will be allowed to host the tournament wherever they please. But if security plans are not on par with the rest of the world, or any other hindrances arise, the event would be shifted to UAE.

According to Ehsan Mani, the chief development officer of ACC, they are developing lengthy programs for Asian cricket. “We have a long program to develop the Asian cricket. We want to start from under-16 and under-19 to the Asia Cup,” he said.

Pakistan previously hosted official Asia Cup matches all the way back in 2008, but has been hosting emerging teams in Karachi recently. It should be reminded that the last Asia cup was supposed to be hosted in India, but once Pakistan opposed due to the financial dispute, the BCCI chose to play in UAE.

Reportedly, the next Asia Cup cricket tournament is slated to be played in September 2020, possibly a month before the World T20 in Australia.


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