News about the heartbreaking health and financial conditions of former actress Nusrat Ara Begum aka Bil Batori of famous 90s play Ainak Wala Jinn have been circulating over social media for last few hours. The latest update is that the authorities concerned have taken the notice and Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal has announced 1M donation for the actress.

Last year, Shehzad Qaiser aka Ainak Wala Jin aka Nastoor Jin himself was found living in disheartening situation with his son and looking for some work. Before that, we saw Munna Lahori aka Zakoota Jin living in a miserable life in Lahore and now, the news of Bil Batori visiting shrines for the search of food is just terrible. We have lost our heroes. We, the generation of 90s have failed to do the justice with our heroes.

Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal has announced rupees 1M donation for the legendary actress but, the damage has been done. She has already suffered enough that we should put our face down in shame.

Courtesy: DAWN

The actress had moved from Karachi to Lahore three decades ago to boost her acting career but the journey ended up in one room apartment.

Just recently, a fatal paralysis attack affected her left leg and she was rushed to Lahore’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital where she was not given proper treatment. She was discharged with a medical prescription.

“My feet are injured from all the walking, I don’t have a roof over my head, I just wish someone could do something for my accommodation,” told Nusrat Ara to DAWN.

This is the least she is looking for and what we can do. Anyone?


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