7up Foodies Festival might is THE place to be in April!! The festival will now be taking place from 5th to 7th April at Etihad Town in Lahore. Everybody’s been going on and on about it not just because it is biggest Festival of 2019 but also because of the huge variety of activities it offers all!

A first of its kind event, the festival will be happening on a huge scale covering over approximately 350 canals (thankfully that does not include a lake) at Etihad Town, Lahore. Housing over more than 120 eateries, the 7up Foodies Festival has also included exclusive eateries that are not currently available in Lahore at all. Which means, the festival will be the only place you’ll get to try them. Even though it’s a food festival there’s so much more than food that the 7up Foodies Festival is offering.

Since it’s a family event, you can go carefree in groups with family or your friends. You need not worry about those crazy rowdy crowds. For parents with little children, the 7up Foodies Festival is also offering comfortable lounges as well as play areas with various entertaining rides and a kids’ zone. Dream come true?! We know! There are also some seriously cool fireworks, and who doesn’t like fireworks?


Featuring an insane line-up of musicians, you will be able to enjoy great music on all three days. And guess what?! You can never believe the lengths to which 7up actually went to ensure that everyone attending has a great time. Before shortlisting the musicians, the brand took to social media to ask Pakistan to vote for their favourite musicians and 7up actually picked the most voted ones to perform at the 7up Foodies Festival! How insane is that? Talk about being a people’s brand!!

Be prepared to see performances by the legendary musicians like Atif Aslam, Sajjad Ali, Josh, Jal, Mekaal Hassan, Kashmir, Xarb, Bayaan, and more!! Lots of 7up, music, your favourite people all around you, what more could anyone want?


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