Nida Yasir never fails to stay in the news with miscalculated responses or funny errors, either in her morning show Good Morning Pakistan, or in interviews. Nida was recently a guest on “The Shoaib Akhtar Show” alongside Shaista Lodhi. In the show, hosted by Shoaib Akhtar, the former cricketer asked her a trick question: “When did Pakistan win the 1992 World Cup?” to which Nida was left confused and unable to answer correctly and gave an incorrect response of “2006.”

Despite Akhtar’s request not to help, Shaista quietly whispered the correct answer to Nida, which was “1992.” Feeling more confident, Nida asked Akhtar to repeat the question. However, she mistakenly blurted out “1992” in response to his new question, which was about the 2009 World Cup. Shaista laughed at the mistake, but Nida began to realize the humor was turning into embarrassment.

Watch the clip below.


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This harmless moment soon went viral on social media where many users trolled Nida and made memes about the situation. After endless trolling for a couple of days, Nida took to her Instagram to address the situation with a sweet response. “What did I do so wrong?” she wrote on her Instagram story. “People usually forget their birthdays and their wedding anniversaries among other things. I know many are depressed due to the current circumstances. If my snafu has brought a smile to your face, please laugh wholeheartedly.”

“If God is with someone, no one can harm them. My fans would keep on supporting and loving me. That’s why my motto is Peeche Hut! (back off!’),” she added.

Kudos to Nida for handling this in a humble manner once again, and for continuing to put smiles on people’s faces every now and then.


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