Amidst the hustle and bustle of Karachi, Pakistan’s biggest basketball championship ‘Dunk Fest’ was held on the 4th of December at DHA Phase VIII. Swag kicks, a sustainable fashion platform, arranged its second Dunk Fest to encourage the young blood and their passion for sports. It was an exciting site to see 22 teams competing with each other and presenting their talents at the Swag Kicks’ Dunk Fest.

Team Up!

Since there were 16 teams of men and 6 teams of women, there were two separate championships for both men and women. All of these teams competed with great passion and zeal to get to the trophy!

Picture of captains for men and women champion teams, who are also husband and wife. The picture is with their trophies and kids.

The 16 teams for men were divided into 4 groups that competed with each other, out of these groups of teams the top two teams were qualified to play for the quarters, semi-finals, and finals.

Women basketballers in action at the Swag Kicks DunkFest.

These amazing teams displayed their enthusiasm for basketball in the best way possible. Every team had its own game plan and they gave their best to win the game.

Exhausted players after a big win.

At the closing ceremony, each of the winning teams from both men and women was awarded trophies. The award distribution marked the end of the grand event of Swag Kick’s Dunk Fest!

Picture of winning teams getting sneakers from Swag Kicks.
Go Champs!

The competition was tough, basketball fanatics, and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the championship. Various bloggers and micro-influencers were also present at the event to encourage young players.

Adrenaline rush witnessed at the DunkFest.

Nofal Khan, CEO of Swag Kicks, when asked about the event said, ‘The primary reason for Swag Kicks to organize this championship every year is to propagate the streetball and basketball culture in Pakistan and provide a platform for aspiring b-ballers to showcase their skills and get together to share their passion with their peers’. Swag Kicks wants to promote sporting activities and nurture a community of young athletes. Influencers and who’s who of the Karachi basketball scene showed up to cheer the players.

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