For as long as we can remember, the wait for Alif has been giving us hope for some top-notch content in Pakistani dramas. And now that the teasers are finally out, let’s just say for once, everyone’s expectations have been met.

Presenting a killer ensemble cast, Alif teasers depict a bunch of plot lines without giving much away. We see Ahsan Khan in a never-before-seen Sufi avatar. We also see Hamza Ali Abbasi as Qalb e Momin who pretty much seems like he’s playing himself. Having said how close he feels to this particular character, it seems like the man is stuck between two drastic worlds and his journey would be one hell of a story to witness.

More on the plus side, we have Sajal Aly spreading her allure throughout the clip, without even uttering as much as one word. That’s the mesmerising power that comes with being Aly, whose character makes an interesting pair with that of Abbasi’s. However, that doesn’t mean Kubra Khan is any less. The actress makes sure her presence is felt even in the brief glimpses she’s in.

Another factor that stood out in the teasers was the cinematography. Shot partially in Turkey, the show manages to capture the essence of a life abroad and puts it forward in a manner which will make you want to be there. Leaving a lot to the imagination, we’re still unsure of the troubles that might arise for the lead couple and how the other cast fits into the narrative.

Guess it was worth the wait. If the show promises to be better than the teasers, we don’t mind waiting a little longer for what such a brilliant cast, writer Umera Ahmed, director Haseeb Hassan, and producers Sana Shahnawaz and Samina Humayun Saeed have in store for us.h


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