Veet Join hands with The Citizens Foundation for International Women’s Day


Education is a basic right for all individuals, and everyone should have access to it. A society can never progress and move forward in the journey of betterment if its women are not educated.

Unfortunately, there is a massive disparity and gap for women’s education in Pakistan. Half of Pakistan’s women cannot read and write with a shockingnumber of 12 million girls being out of school due to various reasons including poverty and gender discrimination or unsupportive environment.

This women’s day Veet Academy, a flagship program run by Pakistan’s biggest hair removal brand Veet, partners with The Citizens Foundation (TCF), one of the Pakistan`s leading non-profit organizations in the field of education having a network of 1833 operational school units providing education to 280,000 students, by funding yearlong education.

Veet will be sponsoring education of 3 secondary classes for girls, encouraging all its consumers to support TCF in providing education to girls nationwide.

To mark the day, Veet Academy held an event at the TCFKorangi Dhai Campus where they announced their plansfollowed by a signing ceremony.

Representatives from ReckittPakistan included Anam Khan (Senior Brand ManagerVeet), Yamnah Khan (PR Manager), and TCF (Isfandyar Inayat (GM Strategic Partnerships and Community Relationship), Imran Chaudhry (Senior Community Relationship Manager) and Zarmeen Syed (Assistant Manager PR and Media) were present at the event.

In reference to the new partnership, Anam Khan stated, “Reckitt at its core is driven by its purpose to protect, heal and nurture the people of the world. This Women’s Day, we are proud to be partnering with one of the country’s largest NGO and school network. By sponsoring the 3 secondary classes, we want to empower girls to be more informed about their future.

The success and progress of a society depends on their females being educated and we aim to work towards it

March 8th is celebrated as the International Women’s Day around the world. Over the past three years, Veet Academy has celebrated Women’s Day through various digital activations and initiatives.

This year, however, they wanted to take things further and make a substantial contribution to the hard work of millions who fight for women’ right every day.

We hope that others will follow suit and step forward in creating a Pakistan where all its girls go to schools. 


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