The thrill of cinematic experiences aside, many of us are impatiently waiting for another season of Coke Studio, and above it, the comeback of Rohail Hyatt. The music maestro has kept everyone on edge with expectations on a high because let’s face it, the last few seasons of the program missed that Hyatt touch.

And now, much thanks to the Express Tribune, the lineup of season 12 is finally out. One would think it would feature fresh talent like Shamoon Ismail or Kashmir the band, or even some familiar faces making waves like Asim Azhar or Momina Mustehsan. But it looks like Hyatt has an entirely different strategy up his sleeve, and he is sticking to his forte and what he knows best.

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Check out the artist lineup.

1)      Sanam Marvi

2)      Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad

3)      Umair Jaswal

4)      Shahab Hussain

5)      Barkat Fakeer and company

6)      Atif Aslam

7)      Hadiqa Kayani

8)      Shamali Afghan

9)      Aima Baig

10)   Har Sakhiyan

11)   Chakar Baloch

12)   Zoe Viccaji

13)   Ali Sethi

14)   Rachel Viccaji

15)   Nimra Rafique

16)   Quratulain Baloch

17)   Abrarul Haq

18)  Omran Shafique

19)  Taj Mohammad Buledi

20)  Sadiq Sameer

Some guest musicians are being kept under wraps, while the House Band will include accustomed names like Sarmad Ghafoor, Kami Paul, Nimra Rafique, Rachel Viccaji, Zain Ali, and many others.

Safe to say that the composer is sticking to his old formulae and giving his fans what they craved for years now. As for the rest who were waiting on something fresh, the hope resides in the unrevealed names.


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