‘Why can’t our dramas show normal conversation b/w husband, wife’ Sharmila


Politician Sharmila Farooqui raised concerns over Pakistani dramas often showing husbands slapping their wives.

Taking to Instagram, Sharmila once again criticized the Pakistani dramas’ storyline and asked whether it is possible to have a normal conversation between husband and wife in dramas.

“Why can’t our dramas show a husband having a normal conversation with his wife? Why do our women have to be resorted violence and physical abuse at the drop of a hat? What you show in these dramas is what most of our people will emulate? she asked.

“In the last episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat, Nazim shah slaps his wife Sahiba while questioning her about her visit to the mazaar with Mahi. This could have been a very normal conversation between the couple but unfortunately, our writers revel in the fact that once a man is angry he will resort to violence towards the women in his life. Can we show some decent man who does believe in respecting a woman? she added.

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