Arjun Kapoor lauds Pakistan’s offer to help India during COVID-19 surge


Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor appreciated Pakistan’s helping stance for India when they badly suffered through the second deadly COVID-19 wave.

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Kapoor said people should not forget a helping hand in need putting all political differences aside.

“You should not forget that in the time of need [Covid-19 crisis], there was a helping hand and that should be respected in the bigger picture,” the actor said.

“This is one such time when emotions have resonated and people are coming together and leaving aside borders and whatever the political scene might have been, one or two years back,” he added.

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Kapoor also wished for peace among both the countries sooner or later. “Today, the obstacles are more; I hope some obstacles get eradicated. I can just hope and pray that the distance and vacuum that has been created go away and we are able to co-exist in peace,” he concluded.

It must be noted here that Pakistan showed full support to India when they ran out of oxygen due to the rapid increase in COVID-19 cases. The second wave of COVID-19 hit India hard which resulted in the loss of more than two lac people.

One of the biggest Pakistan NGOs, Edhi Foundation offered rescue help to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He had written a letter to Indian PM offering 50 ambulances and an on-ground rescue team for help.


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