‘Not a feminist who spread hate against all men’ Sarwat Gilani


Sarwat Gilani said she supports feminism but not the one which spreads hate for all the men out there on the earth.

Speaking in Time Out With Ahsan Khan, Sarwat said her previous comments related to feminism were taken out of context.

“People only listened to half the statement I gave. The full statement was that, if getting on the ‘all men are bad’ bandwagon is what is required to be a feminist, then I am not a feminist,” she said.

Meanwhile, Sarwat enforced that hating all men is not actual feminism. “I am a motivational speaker, I talk about child abuse, I talk about women’s rights and fight for them at so many avenues, then how is it possible that I am not a feminist? So, equal rights? All the way. Hating men? No, that’s not part of feminism,” she added.

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