Looks like renowned singer Shazia Khushk’s reign in the folk music industry has come to an end. The Daney Pe Dana singer has decided to bid farewell to the world of showbiz as has cited ‘religious beliefs and obligations’ as the reason, as per Express Tribune.

“I have decided to spend the rest of my life in service of Islam,” she told the publication. “I’m grateful to my fans for loving my songs and hope that they will strongly support me in my new move,” she added.

The singer also reiterated that she wouldn’t be recanting her decision in the future. “I really took my time to think about what I wanted to do at this stage in my life… I’m certain that I won’t want to join this field [showbiz] again,” she said.

Nevertheless, the singer was gracious to everyone for loving and supporting her in her career for more than two decades. And with that, we wish the singer a happy, healthy life with whatever she chooses to pursue in the future.


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