If you think Pakistan’s concern for Kashmir has died down, you have another think coming. Everyone including the PM has been actively raising their voices for justice to prevail in Kashmir. PM Imran Khan recently urged everyone to come forth and stand united with the Kashmir brethren and show up in a protest for half an hour.

“I want all Pakistanis to come out tomorrow 12 noon-12.30pm to show solidarity with the Kashmiri people and send the Kashmiris in Indian-occupied Kashmir a clear message that the entire Pakistani nation stands in solidarity with them and against Indian fascist oppression, the inhumane 24-day curfew, the daily injuring and killing of Kashmiri civilians, including women & children — all part of the ethnic cleansing agenda of the Modi government and its illegal annexation of IoK,” he tweeted.

Soon after, celebrities started showing their support for Kashmir with the PM’s initiative. Actors like Hareem Farooq and Shaan Shahid responded affirmatively and urged everyone to do so.

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Despite not being in the country at the moment, Humayun Saeed lent his support while encouraging everyone to show up in solidarity.

Cricketers Ahmad Shahzad and Shahid Afridi also followed suit.


Rabi Pirzada, Fakhr-e-Alam and Shehzad Roy confirmed that they will be at Liberty Chowk, supporting the cause.

Adnan Siddiqui also stated how he will be in Clifton, Karachi, while Faysal Qureshi will be at the Moeen Khan Academy, lending their support to our brethren in Kashmir.

Farhan Saeed also supported the cause with a United We Stand hashtag.

Reportedly, the Kashmir Hour will commence tomorrow afternoon at 12 PM sharp, accompanied by blaring sirens and the national anthem.


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