Singer turned actor Junaid Khan has been following a successful journey both in music and acting. He has worked with some top tier names of showbiz industry and proved that he is there to stay. Recently, the rockstar was guest at Iftar Mulaqaat with Hina Bayat on Geo Kahani to talk about his acting career.

During the interview, Khan was asked about how he developed his acting skills. He replied that the key was to get out of himself and getting into the character. He said that at times the character was totally opposite to his own self, but still understanding the motives helped him act realistically.

Junaid mentioned one of his toughest roles where he found it difficult to get out of himself and do something he’s never done before.

“I actually had to beat Sanam Saeed, because we had to do it as a part of the scene.” said Khan.

That was something so out of his own character that he still reels when he thinks of it. He has always been a gentle person and it took a lot of practice to get into that role.

“And honestly I had never hit a man much less a woman,” he added.

He then moved on to describe that he had to learn and went to the part where a person gets so low and hits another being. Especially when men raise their hands on women they’re supposed to protect.

“I think it’s a man’s own insecurity where he decides to revert to domestic violence,” he said.


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