‘Wish me on 12 Feb, not 11’ Hania corrects Wikipedia


After receiving so many birthday wishes following her birth date on Wikipedia, Hania Aamir corrected the social site, saying that her birthday comes on February 12 and not 11.

Taking to her Instagram story, the actress asked people to wish her on February 12 as somebody has updated the wrong birth date on Wikipedia. “Allah bless the one who has put my wrong birth date on Wikipedia and now I am getting a lot of wishes. My birthday is on February 12, not 11. Wish me today at 12 am,” she said.

“And, people who are planning to surprise me, should do it tomorrow as today is not my birthday,” she quipped.

Hania often remains in interaction with her fans on social media similar to many other celebrities in Pakistan. Recently, a rumor made rounds on social media that Hania got engaged and it had forced the actress to come up with a clarification later on.

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