‘Television’s target audience usually is housewives’ Juniad Khan


Junaid Khan sees Pakistani television often targeting housewives as its audience to gain maximum viewership.

Speaking in Time Out With Ahsan Khan, Junaid shared his two cents on current Pakistani drama content. “It really depends on who your target audience is, and for television, it’s usually housewives. That’s why most of the stories revolve around the home. That’s what they want to watch,” the singer-turned-actor said.

Junaid gave the example of the freedom content makers have in the digital world. “I think there should be change, but it really depends on the audience. For example, directors working for digital platforms are ready to experiment and so are the ones making films,” he mentioned.

Meanwhile, Junaid also talked about a rumour related to him having rejected a Bollywood film. “The news was fake. I didn’t leave it. It was offered, there was shortlisting, but then they didn’t cast anyone from Pakistan,” he shared.

“Several actors say that they refused offers themselves, and I thought about how anyone could actually say no to such an offer,” he concluded.

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