‘Sibling rivalry is old story, its time to share it’ Zara Noor


Zara Noor Abbas, who is playing lead role in Hum Tv’s ‘Badshah Begum’, said the story of her ongoing project breaks the shackles to unearth an old societal issue related to sibling rivalry.

In an interview with local publication, Zara said sibling rivalry is an old story in the society but it gets a place on Tv for the first time.

“Badshah Begum is an old story, but it is one that hasn’t been told. Sibling rivalry, power and politics, egos within a family that cause rifts between brothers and sisters, these are all very old stories. It’s time to share them,” Zara shared.

The actor also revealed why she accepted a role in Badshah Begum.

“Obviously, if anyone is offered a role with as many layers as this and one with so much to explore, no one will refuse it. Badshah Begum appears to only be the story of one woman, but that isn’t what it is. This is also about the people that are tied to that woman,” she told.


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