‘All women feel unsafe around Pakistani men’ Anoushey reacts to Turkey incident


Anoushey Ashraf shared her two cents on recent incident in Turkey where some Pakistani men were reportedly caught while harassing a local woman.

Following the outrage sparked on social media due to the incident, the actor-cum-VJ called out Pakistani men for always having anti-women behaviour.

“Considering everyone’s concern over Halime Sultan’s choice of clothing, Pakistani men should first hand over a certificate or diploma on ‘experience with women as humans, not on their choices in life or clothes’ before giving them visa to any place in this world,” she wrote on her Instagram story.

“But hey #notallmen but somehow #allwomen feel unsafe around these men. Odd,” she added.

It must be noted here ‘Pakistan Get Out’ and  ‘PakistaniPerverts’ remained trend on Turkish social media after the incident.


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