Zubab Rana’s Performance as ‘Kiran’ is prominent in Bharaas


These days, ‘Bharaas’ has been the talk of the town and Zubab Rana’s performance is prominent. Starring as Kiran, a selfish, greedy, and overall negative character, Rana might make you fall for her innocent looks in the drama – but that is just how far it goes.

Because, let’s be honest, as soon as we saw her getting into the character of ‘Kiran’ who is just not your typical bad girl either, she has a cunning mind, and with the help of her mother is out to destroy the lives of anyone who tries to get near to what she thinks belongs to her. You see her doing these things that you think you won’t ever see the innocent-faced Rana do, but the actress makes it believable, and we couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised.

In the latest episode, we see Rana at her absolute best, as Kiran manages to convince her in-laws that someone is pulling black-magic tricks on her, which has ended up losing her family. As she acts and cries as ‘Kiran’ we definitely see how her in-laws had to believe her because, boy, do those lies sound like the truth! And, oh, bonus point, we know a pretty-crier when we see one.

For now, we can’t wait to see what happens next in Bharaas, what Kiran is up to this time, and what kind of acting skills we’d be seeing Zubab Rana pull.


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