Saheefa Jabbar Khattak, a renowned Pakistani television actor and model, recently shared her experience with chronic depression in a candid conversation on Ahmed Ali Butt’s podcast. Known for her successful career in acting and modeling, Saheefa has appeared in numerous hit Pakistani dramas and has been a prominent face for various high-end clothing brands. Despite her professional success, she revealed that she has been battling severe depression since 2013.

During the podcast, Saheefa discussed her struggle with depression, explaining that it wasn’t immediately clear to her that she was suffering from a mental health condition. Initially, she believed her panic attacks were just reactions to unfavorable situations. However, as they became more frequent, she realized that something was wrong. Even with a loving family, financial stability, and a supportive husband, her anxiety and panic attacks persisted.

Saheefa, who graduated from LUMS, noted that her background in a middle-class family, where mental health was not widely discussed or understood, contributed to her delayed recognition of depression. She recalled that her therapist was often rude and seemed more concerned about other appointments and payments rather than her well-being. This negative experience with therapy highlighted the need for more compassionate and patient-centered care in mental health services.

Saheefa also spoke about the impact of her long-distance relationship on her mental health. The distance and triggers in her life made her realize that her depression was chronic. Despite having a supportive husband and brother, her depression and anxiety were still challenging to manage. She shared an incident during a flight to Canada where she had to inform the crew about her condition, as she had taken thirty pills and was experiencing severe panic attacks. Her husband played a crucial role in helping her through this difficult time, providing care and support during her darkest moments.

Saheefa’s openness about her journey through depression underscores the importance of raising awareness about mental health and providing accessible support for those in need. Her story is a reminder that even those who seem to have it all can face significant mental health challenges. By sharing her experiences, she hopes to encourage others to seek help and break the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Watch the interview below:


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