With Netflix spreading its wings globally and taking over entertainment industries everywhere, actors are striving to jump on the bandwagon and star in Netflix productions. The most popular streaming site is slowing introducing Pakistani content to its massive pile of movies and shows, but we have yet to see Pakistani content that is originally made for and by Netflix.

According to Dino Ali’s Chai, Toast aur Host, Pakistani sensation Sana Fakhar will be the first Pakistani actress to star in a Netflix production. With the breakthrough of Netflix in neighbouring countries, especially India, this is a major deal for a Pakistani actress and it will prove to be ground-breaking for the industry.

Speaking about her exciting upcoming venture, she revealed something really exciting. “My Netflix project is based on a true story, and real incidents,” she said. “I am very grateful to get a chance to work with [these] people right now, to learn something from them. Obviously when you enter a great international market, a lot of things feel new and you get a chance to learn so much,” she explained about her experience in working with Netflix.

When asked how different it is or must be from the local industry, where Fakhar has made quite a name for herself, the actress was all open to challenges. “I always want to do something that excites me, and [to choose] characters which are challenging,” she explained. “Unfortunately, we hardly get a chance to experience new characters and new things [in this industry]. They always have stereotypical things,” she added.


She also talked about how the drama industry shaped her career for the better, and gave it a new direction with one of her most challenging roles in Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

However, film critic and analyst, Mohammad Kamran Jawaid, had a lot to say on the matter. He emphasized on the fact that for now, it is unclear whether it is a Netflix original production for Pakistan or not, or if it’s just a production in which Fakhar is taking part. As Netflix is very secretive about its ventures till the teaser drops, there’s no way of finding out for sure about Netflix originals. He still believes Pakistan has a massive market potential in terms of making a name for itself internationally.

Just like Fakhar and everyone else, we are hoping for the best as well. And expectantly, this will also pave the way for other entertainers in the industry.


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