‘I always want to do characters that fulfill me’ Resham


Legendary actor Resham shared that she always want to do characters in films or dramas that fulfill her.

Speaking to Galaxy Lollywood, Resham said she has had rejected stereotypical roles from television. “I had been getting offers for characters that were very stereotypical from television. I don’t want to act just for the sake of it but do something that fulfills me,” she shared.

While talking about her upcoming short film ‘Dafaa Hojao Tum’ with writer-director Faseeh, Resham said the role offered to her was something new and appealing. “Faseeh, I know how he creates his dark humour and how he blows life into it, so I absolutely loved the script and character in ‘Dafaa Hojao Tum’,” the actor said.

“I really liked the character and since it was Faseeh’s so I couldn’t say no. I have already worked with Faseeh on ‘Mohabbat Jaye Bhar Mai’ and it was a super hit serial for Hum TV. And I’m sure ‘Dafaa Hojao Tum’ would also be appreciated for what it is,” she concluded.

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