The anticipation for the upcoming series, The Famous Five, has reached new heights as Pakistani filmmaker Asim Abbasi has been revealed as the director for its second episode. The announcement, reported by BBC, has given local fans of Enid Blyton’s timeless stories and cinema enthusiasts alike something new to look forward to.

Abbasi’s portfolio, which includes critically acclaimed works like Churails and Cake, has garnered him a reputation for compelling storytelling and a unique vision. His involvement in ‘The Famous Five’ aims to bring a fresh perspective to the beloved adventures of Julian, Dick, Anne, George, and Timmy the dog.

The series, produced in co-production with German ZDF, has a cast which features Diaana Babnicova as George, Elliott Rose as Julian, Kit Rakusen as Dick, and Flora Jacoby Richardson as Anne. Some familiar names that are joining the cast include Jack Gleeson, Ann Akinjirin, James Lance, and Diana Quick.  It is supposed to be set against the backdrop of the South West of the UK.

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Abbasi took to Instagram to share his feelings regarding his involvement in the project. “Psyched to be part of this re-imagining, to go back in time and jolt awake the inner child, and (finally!) direct something that my boy can watch. This one’s for you, kid,” he wrote in the caption.


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