The excitement for the upcoming cricket World Cup is reaching a fever pitch, with fans eagerly anticipating a spectacle of sportsmanship and skill. However, the recent promotional video released by the International Cricket Council (ICC) has sparked widespread criticism and heated debates among cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

The clip has all the elements of an impressive sports commercial – enthusiastic fans, the spirit of sportsmanship, global recognition, glimpses of culture, and what not. But a notable absence in the video, that of Pakistan’s biggest stars, especially Babar Azam, has left many questioning the selection choices and voicing their discontent over a lack of recognition for Pakistani players. Additionally, the omission of the Pakistani flag from the promo has further fuelled sentiments of exclusion.

The brief promo, which features Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan, has garnered mixed reactions. While some are loving the inclusion of King Khan, others are labelling it a “Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) promo” or an “India national cricket team’s (ICT) promo,” as it includes several Indian cricketers as well. This has led to a growing sentiment that the video may not adequately represent the diversity of talent present in international cricket.

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Check out some of the reactions, which have raised some valid points, below.

With that said, it is essential for cricket’s governing bodies to listen to the passionate voices of fans and strive to promote inclusivity, fairness, and recognition for all deserving players and nations on the global cricketing stage. After all, cricket is at its best when it embraces the talent and diversity that makes it a truly universal sport.



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