We all know the importance of drinking milk in our lives at all ages but hardly a few know from where and how they are getting the supply. Many remain in doubt either they are getting the fresh milk from the healthy cows in proper hygienic conditions or not. But we do not have to worry anymore because Dairyland has developed a comprehensive grass to glass value chain system where they assure that they keenly follow standard procedures and consumers get 100% real milk in every glass.

#GlassOfDIfference – At Dairyland's farm, highly qualified and trained food technologists and quality assurance teams…

Posted by Dayfresh on Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dairyland has its own farm in Dhabeji, Sindh. They take care of their more than 3500 Australian cows in an extremely hospitable environment at the farm and regularly do checkups done by well qualified team of vets. These cows are fed and nurtured on high quality fodder grown under the supervision of foreign qualified agronomists. Dayfresh is pure and fresh milk, which is completely free from adulterations.

#GlassOfDifference – At Dairyland’s farm, Australian cows are kept in an extremely hospitable environment, and are…

Posted by Dayfresh on Sunday, August 6, 2017

Moreover, Dairyland’s automated milking parlor delivers milk in best possible hygienic conditions. The whole milking process is automated and without any human touch the milk is packed into the aseptic packs. Furthermore, highly qualified and trained food technologists and quality assurance teams vigilantly monitor the quality of products at all stages of the production process. Every batch of milk used for production is subject to stringent quality control microbiological tests at Dairyland’s well-equipped labs. Combination of state-of-the-art machines, and qualified and trained production staff helps the company ensure it produces best quality products.


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