‘Audience is equally responsible for drama content’ Muneeb Butt


Muneeb Butt believes drama content in Pakistan is based on taste buds of the local audience. He said directors and producers show what people want to see on the screen.

Speaking to ‘Behind The Curtain With Rafay Rashdi’, Butt blamed the Pakistani audience equally for the quality of dramas being produced in the country.

“We should acknowledge one thing, our audience is equally responsible for the quality of dramas being produced in our country,” said the actor. “It is simple, producers and channel owners show what people want to watch,” he added.

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Butt gave example of Alif which was way behind Mere Paas Tum Ho in ratings despite its story being based on spirituality.

“I loved watching Alif but it didn’t get much attention on rating charts as compare to Mere Paas Tum Ho which was based on infidelity. Now, you can differentiate the fact that what are people want to see,” he highlighted.

“It is very simple, if the audience will stop watching this kind of content that they are criticizing on social media, the makers will stop producing them. Otherwise, things will remain the same forever,” he concluded.


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