All throughout last year, the thrill of ensemble casts and more masala-packed films kept us looking forward to 2020. And the teaser of Tich Button surely makes it worth the wait!

Releasing under the banner of Shooting Star Studio – Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed’s joint production house – the film stars Saeed, along with some of the industry’s most sought-for performers: Feroze Khan, Iman Ali, and Sonya Hussyn. Keeping the essence of teasers alive, the one-minute montage delivers a lot more than what we expected and safe to say, we’re here for the rest.

READ: Tich Button to have an ensemble cast of Feroze, Sonya, Farhan, Iman

Without giving much of the plot away, the clip introduces us to all the integral characters, and glimpses of all that just might make this film the next blockbuster. Case in point: two (or more) love stories, ample romance, a sizzling item number, action sequences, and quirky dialogues. We couldn’t possibly have asked for more!

Rest assured, the teaser has set the bar and our expectations pretty high and we can only hope the film itself is able to surpass them all. There’s no doubt when it comes to the acting, as these stars have delivered some memorable performances in their respective careers, but now we have all our bets placed on the plot. Let’s see what first-time producer Hocane, writer Faiza Iftikhar, and director Qasim Ali Mureed have up their sleeve.

Check out the teaser and let us know if it strikes a chord with you.


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