Model and actress Sana Javed has gotten a lot of recognition in a very short span of time, all because to her hardworking nature and will to success. Sana loves the sense of accomplishment she gets from her work and since her line of work comes with popularity and attention, she loves it! She was guest on Iftar Mulaqaat with Hina Bayat on Geo Kahani.

Sana herself disclosed that she practices a lot, read and re-read her lines to create variations and perfection in her acting.

“Yes, I do work in Ramadan. Last year it was pleasant during the beginning but then it became difficult towards the end when we were shooting because we were up in the mountains,” told Sana during the interview.

During the interview, when she was asked about her family and how her acting career impacted her life, she was quick to say, “No matter how big of a star you become, you’re always the usual self at home. No special treatment.

She also mentioned how she changed herself as an actress and admitted being spoiled by her family.

I am very lazy. A bit spoiled as well. I was spoiled by my family and now I spoil my younger brother,” she revealed.

On one occasion when asked about her feelings about Pakistanis and the issues surrounding us, she said, “Be it any cast or color, we are one.

Sana shared that despite the workload she enjoyed spending Ramadan in Pakistan, she even cooks for iftaar.

I make fruit chaat back at home for Iftari” she said.


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