‘Casting Couch put hurdles in my career’ Fiza-Shiza famed Kiran


‘Fiza-Shiza meme’ famed actor Kiran Tabeir revealed that she was often offered casting couch for big projects.

In a candid talk with Something Haute, Kiran said that casting couch exists in the industry at a higher level, and a lot of actors including her didn’t get the deserved fame due to it.

“A lot of people praise my acting and they used to say ‘You are a good actor, why you are not in the limelight?'” Kiran shared.

“I believe casting couch is one of the reasons why I am not so popular despite impressing the audience with my acting skills. I was often offered casting couch for doing big projects. And, when I denied, they cast someone else, making irrelevant excuses,” she revealed.

Meanwhile, Kiran also clarified that not every actor faces such things. “There are good and bad people everywhere. I am not saying every director or producer offers casting couch. There are some and unfortunately, I faced it so I am sharing this here,” she mentioned.

It must be noted here that Kiran rose to fame after a video clip from her one-year-old drama series Judwaa went viral. The actor played the dual role of Fizza and Shizza in the drama.

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