‘Nobody has right to discourage me on my lipstick, dressing’ Iffat Omar


Veteran actor Iffat Omar believes that nobody has the right to discourage her on her dressing choice.

Speaking to BBC Urdu, Iffat said she enjoys social media trolls until and unless something makes her so angry.

“Social media is a whole different world and I enjoy it. I have lived in a phase where people used to get fame from newspapers. So, it’s different and exciting for me,” she said.

“There are always good and bad people everywhere. A lot of people criticize me on social media because I put on red lipsticks or wear short clothes. I think nobody has the right to discourage me on my lipstick or dressing sense. Whatever I wear is totally my choice,” she added.

Iffat remains vocal on social media regarding different social, societal, and women’s issues. Hence, she often faces criticism for her views on social media.

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