As women’s day is here, Bonanza Satrangi aims to foster and inspire strong and courageous women, who have been able to achieve their passions with continuous struggles. The vision is to celebrate these heroic inspirations, who have faced their fair share of struggles and judgments but have always managed to come out stronger.

This Women’s Day, Bonanza Satrangi reminded us of some of these amazing women with their #IamSatrangi campaign, and it has been amazing to see these wonderful women being celebrated like they should be.

Zenith Irfan portrays an ideal Bonanza Satrangi Women; she is the first Pakistani woman who traveled throughout Kashmir on a motorcycle at the age of 20. She describes herself as a “free heart spirit,” which is evident from her Facebook pictures, in which she can be seen crossing a river, spending time among remote tribes, playing with village kids, and admiring the brave truck drivers. Despite the rough terrains and rocky mountains, “public stares” was one thing she found challenging.

Her carefully recorded journey will serve as a guide for future women explorers who aspire to break the gender stereotypes of Pakistan’s society and accept the liberation of the soul.

It’s always tricky in a country like Pakistan to raise your voice and make it heard. In particular, when you’re a girl. Areeba Siddique is an art student who isn’t only a role model for many young girls but is also an activist, artist, social media influencer, and a blogger. Areeba uses art pieces to exhibit the world around her, including how she feels about politics, feminism, and culture.

This Bonanza Satrangi Woman is breaking down barriers for young women all over Pakistan and encourages them to speak up and make their voices heard.

Our next Bonanza Satrangi Woman is a renowned chef and chocolatier Zarnak Sidhwa, who never thought that she would pursue cooking as a career, nor did she plan to become famous. But the world works in mysterious ways, and so here she is – one of today’s most popular TV chefs. The full-time mother of two young boys hosts a daily live show, and a weekend shows every fortnight.

She also manages the Food Dairies Facebook page, answering all kinds of queries and questions and, until recently, running a one-woman home catering business. Isn’t she the perfect fit for #IamSatrangi.

Maliha Rehman is a leading fashion and lifestyle journalist with a penchant for writing, all the time! She attends mainstream fashion events regularly and is invited to evaluate and report on key fashion trends, study the new collections, and profile the movers and shakers in Pakistani fashion.

Her work is regularly featured in the country’s leading newspapers. Working with the most influential publications within fashion, Maliha’s byline is well‐recognized for its honest, insightful appraisals on-trend, helping in giving direction to the nascent industry. How she manages all this is why she is our inspiration for Bonanza Satrangi Women.

Women in Pakistan are increasingly heading into things that were deemed impossible for them to move into until recently. After judo karate, women have now started trying kickboxing. Breaking all the stereotypes, Eman Khan from Karachi is inspiring other girls as a kickboxer, a game previously perceived as men’s only sport.

Challenge your mind & body, stretch your limits, and make uncomfortable the new comfortable – Eman Khan.

These are all the women who pushed themselves despite all odds and learned the ropes of their chosen profession, raised families and mastered the art of living life in a balance.

What about you? Let’s break stereotypes this Women’s day and share your passion with #IamSatrangi.

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