Taking the fashion world by storm, Parishae Adnan showcased her debut Fall/Winter 2022 collection this weekend. Parishae Adnan’s collection is a take on femininity, women’s empowerment and fashion, which has evolved over the years and continues to do so with the changing times. The collection consisted of a total of 25 stunning looks.

The collection is titled “Un-Gaze,” a double-edged play on the encapsulation of the female form. It aims to vanquish the male gaze and puts the power and control back in women’s hands. The collection emphasizes the need for sustainability and green living at the forefront. Adnan worked with an environmentally-friendly approach while designing the capsule couture collection.

Talking about the collection, Parishae says, “This collection is about coming into power and realizing that it exists. The game changes when one becomes aware of it. To be honest, I’m a little tired of men depicting what femininity should be defined as. I reject society’s version of femininity in favor of the modern aesthetic. As one world is ending and another one is about to begin, I take this moment to recognize the need for empowerment and sustainability, the need for fine construction in garments, and the need for longevity in a world where our attention span and desire for consumption far exceed our ability to produce.”

Several notable names were a part of the designer’s debut show. These include Pakistan football team captain Hajra Khan, comedian Faiza Saleem, travel blogger and comedian Amtul Baweja, activist Mehrub Moiz Awan and renowned journalist and influencer Sabah Bano Malik among others. Renowned makeup stylist Nabila and her team did the hair and makeup for the show.

The models strutted to the musical talent of renowned DJ, Dr. Hassan Mallick (Nirvana Principle). The tracks, that consist of film dialogues and classic songs, repurposed to fit the message, not only complemented the overall vision, but also proved to be a reminder of the fact that freeing oneself of the male gaze is everyday work.

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Parishae dedicated the collection to her mother for being a source of inspiration, teaching her everything she knows about the world of fashion and womanhood, and for making her the person she is today.

As the Karachi sky turned from shades of pink to blue the creatives of Karachi socialised and conversed on the importance of revolution through fashion. It is this next generation of creatives that enable such conversations and representation.


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